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27th-Mar-2013 07:17 pm - LBD?
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So I (used to?) watch this Youtube series called Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Yes, yes, yes. It's Jane Austen and it's Pride & Prejudice. I won't lie - shit like that is my guilty pleasure. Charlotte Lu is probably one of my favourite characters, but I definitely lost my feels for the show part way through. Lizzie annoys me, I'm not finding Darcy attractive. And just. Where did the feels go? To be fair, I did stop watching just before the 50th episode after devouring the first 40 like a fiend.

Anyone else out there watching it? Any general consensus on the show?
13th-Sep-2011 11:34 pm(no subject)
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Dipping my toe back into fandom lately. I've been doing a lot of (re)reading of bookmarked fic, partly for a friend whose bookmark collection got wiped out recently. Nuts to realize how long it's been - authors/journals being deleted and fic disappearing.

Anyone have any idea where winterweathered/yourperiphery/dontyouwaitup went? Am coming across lots of locked links there.

Asides from that - who loved the Potter-shapped 3D glasses they handed out at the HP & the DH midnight premiere! Okayokay, old news. This gal is mighty rusty.
29th-Jul-2011 05:00 pm - Announcement! :-D
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Originally posted by emmagrant01 at Announcement! :-D

28th-May-2011 01:37 pm(no subject)
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Also, I have found that fanfiction has ruined my taste for sex in mainstream lit. Having gotten back into a bit of a Snarry mood (re-reading and the like), as well as re-reading the HP series, have found that the "romantic" writings available on the market don't tend to push any buttons. Certainly not the porny bits, at least. Plot-wise it feels as though there is a general lack of innovation, nothing in the way of the pure creativity that comes out of these amazing writers we've got in fandom.

My opinion pertains to romance novels found on shelves in common bookstores, though.

Yes my life is boring.
1st-Jan-2011 07:23 pm - Watch List
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Just to compile a sort of.. master list of things I watch through a year. Format's a big question at the moment. I've no idea how to compile everything

Behind the cutCollapse )
16th-Dec-2010 09:10 pm - RIP, Delicious
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Just thought that a heads up would be nice in case anyone hasn't heard yet. Delicious (AKA Delicious.com AKA Del.icio..us) is being shut down. Yahoo!fail.

Now to see if there are any decent alternatives.
27th-Oct-2010 09:23 pm - Kitty
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Possibly my favourite new fandom of the moment. Sherlock!

O: I'm not dead, you say??

Wow, it's been well over half a year since I've posted. Just haven't been very active in fandom; trying to catch up in RL. Third year's really kicking my butt, on top of the major squee for SPN being completely gone. (No, I still haven't finished watching S5. Yes, I have plans to. Eventually.)

Have been mostly watching Bones, Castle and Big Bang Theory, these days. (Plus the unfettered re-watching of Sherlock (2010 BBC) episodes.) A little bit of Hellcats and Glee thrown in. The internet (from my end of the stick) doesn't look that active, and quite frankly, the what fic I do find isn't quite up to snuff. I think I've been spoiled by the wonderful Supernatural and Harry Potter authors for too long.

In conclusion: Sherlock ♥
28th-Feb-2010 10:27 pm - Moir-ish Virtue
One of my new favourites? (Tessa) Virtue and (Scott) Moir! Personally, I call them Voir, ala French vocab.

Don't even like het, but I'm rooting for them so hard. I think they're adorable together.

And because I can't help it.. here are some photos (to which none of them belong to me!)

Sitting in the Hudson River

Who can resist?!
25th-Jan-2010 03:33 pm(no subject)
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U GAIZ.. this is really disturbing me.
14th-Jan-2010 12:24 pm(no subject)
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Lightning round (up to 2000 words of podfic) and a Standard Auction (10000 words of podfic).

My heart has gone all clenchy at how many people are donating and offering. ♥ fandom! Go buy people! Or donate whatever you can! Or spread the word!
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